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Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm EST
has written a couple of letters of recommendation. i appreciate all your work. >> mike is a terrific guy. [inaudible] >> he still tells us that story. >> it's a true story. >> it's good seeing you. >> i will personalipersonali ze a. >> senator, hi how are you? i was press secretary on the house side when i got there in 1988. my boss though clinger, bill is doing great. i see him all the time and he gave me a list. he said if you want to know how i think, here's who you pay attention and yours was the first name on the senate list which only had a couple of names on it. he was the chairman of the board of trustees for eight years. >> i spoke to him. >> i had dinner with him about six weeks ago and he is doing great. >> he is not doing the chautauqua any more. >> he says eight years is enough but he still has a home there and spends his summers there. thank you. really a pleasure to meet you. [laughter] >> i am still here is your bodyguard. >> who is that over there? the bodyguard. >> my editors told me to ask you one question. who are you going to support for the republican nominee? >
Dec 27, 2012 8:00pm EST
children and many of their parents so someone mike howard johnson timmy sticks out much more is representative of the complexity of this moment rather than what was conveyed at that point. it just made me wonder that maybe that simplified the story is a product of the history and their lack of knowledge. we aren't yet able to appreciate the complexity of the story. >> to me complexity is great. things are rarely black and white in life. no pun intended. there is lots of great. there are lots of things that we now and there are lots of things that we don't know. i think that's really part of the richness of life in our day-to-day lives. and i really wanted to capture that and to tell a story that was sweeping and historical but was really human. these people are very very human and how, you know, they live their lives and i wanted people to connect to that. i didn't want it to be simple or easy. speeds so one of these really incredible characters, but to go back a little bit maybe to the -- third slide and i'm going to read his name out loud because it is quite a character. go fo
Dec 26, 2012 8:00pm EST
a special welcome to senator mike reed who is a good friend of the national archives, senator reed from utah. [applause] who himself clerked for a future supreme court justice, judge alito when he was at the u.s. court of appeals on the third circuit. welcome. on monday the constitution of the united states turned 225. tonight's program is one of several that the national archives is presenting this month in celebration of the founding document, signed in philadelphia on september 17, 1787. tonight we are honored to welcome two distinguished guests to explore the past, present and future of united states constitution. our partners for tonight's program in honor of those of the constitution are the federalist society and the constitution accountability center and thanks for the opportunity to collaborate with you this evening. the declaration of independence was long heralded as the icon of our independence to nationhood. the constitution did not get as much attention. its declarations and it's for parchment pages to the declaration single sheets to cheer most casual readers. the la
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3